When Should You Take Your Engagement Ring Off?

For most women, an engagement ring is the first real (expensive) piece of jewellery that they own and wear everyday. After the engagement hype wears down, you’ll quickly realise that the ring will now always be a part of your hand and needs to be kept safe and looking its best.

Here is a list of a few times that you’ll be better off playing it safe and removing your ring:

1. Hitting the Gym & Playing Sports

This one may seem obvious to most, but you’ll be surprised as to how many ladies bring their rings back in less than a week after getting engaged because they’ve bent or scratched their rings lifting weights. It stands to reason that for both ladies and gents, holding a heavy object by a rough bar is an accident waiting to happen when it comes to precious metals and delicate diamond settings. Contact and Ball sports aren’t much safer either as any forceful contact by another hand or ball can cause some real damage to your brand new prized possession.

2. Sleeping

Comfort aside, there are a few other reasons why you should rather leave your ring at your bed side while sleeping. Claws can get caught in your bedding or pyjamas and loosen which can cause diamonds to fall out. Certain sleeping positions can also apply pressure to your ring which can cause claw settings to bend out of place.

3. Showering / Washing Hands

While not immediately dangerous in terms of damaging the structure of your ring. We suggest removing your ring when washing your hands or showering for a few reasons. Soaps and shampoos can sometimes have oily type consistencies which tend to leave a greasy layer over and in between diamonds and jewellery which compromises their appearance. This also allows for a much more welcoming surface for fine dust particles to settle and stick. We also don’t even want to think about the potential of your ring slipping off your finger and making its way down the drain.

4. Applying Lotions or other Cosmetics

For the exact same reasons as above, we recommend you remove your rings while applying body or hand lotions, doing your hair, applying sunscreen etc.

5. Swimming in the Ocean or Pool

Both of these options are a clear and simple No No! We have heard a few horror stories of rings falling off in the sea, and only in one miracle case was it found. Lowering body temperatures often cause your fingers to shrink slightly which makes it all the more easier for a rough wave to slide your ring right off.

Chlorine and chemicals in swimming pools will erode certain metals and can cause rhodium plating on white gold to dissolve away and you’ll be left with a yellow gold ring.


From the day it’s placed on your finger, your engagement ring will change your daily behaviours sub-consciously. Aside from regular cleanings – home and professionally – you should definitely take every other measure to ensure its safety and its beauty lasts as long as your love does!

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