The Gentlemen's guide to finding HER ring size

posted by admin on 13 February, 2017 11:31 AM

We’re going to start this off bluntly, and if you're a guy who is open about the whole engagement process with his partner, you'll appreciate not having to read further than this opening paragraph.
First and most fullproof option for getting an accurate ring size measurement of your lady’s finger is to have her part of the process. Option number 1 is to visit our offices or your closest jewellery store and have her ring measured professionally, this is highly recommended! If you don't have the time to do that, then together you can either measure an existing ring of hers that fits on the ‘ring finger’ or you can measure her finger with string or floss and compare the measurement to our Ring Size Chart.

If the idea of involving her makes you cringe, and you'd like to keep it a surprise, then read on…

So you're ready to take the next step, you've thought it out for a few years or months,or weeks (we don't judge), planned your romantic speech and played it out over and over, and now all that is left is for you to actually pop the question. All that is missing is the ring, the oh-so important symbol of your love and commitment, in this area you just simply cant slip up. So you decide on your budget and get onto our trusty friend google and start searching for ideas. Maybe you're lucky and she's dropped hints at some stage in your relationship and you know just what her dream ring looks like in her mind. If you're not one of these lucky few then it takes a bit more admin from your side, we suggest asking family and friends (who can keep a secret), its funny how much you can find out from mothers and sisters!

So there you go, now you've done the ground work and found the perfect design, just like the sparkly white masterpiece she's always dreamed of. But just as you're about to log on to your favourite online jewellers website (hint hint), you realise theres one problem, you have no clue what her ring size is.

Dum Dum Dum….. well that really burst your bubble didn't it? This whole getting married thing seems to be a lot harder than you thought. Well don't worry, thats where this guide comes in. We have compiled a list of fulllproof (ish) ways to get her ring size without her suspecting a thing.

1. We are assuming you are proposing to an unmarried person and therefore she wont be wearing any jewellery on that coveted ‘ring finger’.If not, (again, we don't judge) then good for you, there you have a perfect reference. However if you're not this lucky… or unlucky?? , the God’s may be smiling down on you enough that you remember her collection of dress rings she's constantly wearing on her right hand ‘ring finger’. Generally the dominant side is 1 size larger than the other, so if you can steal(borrow) a ring from her right hand ‘ring finger’ and you know whether she is right or left handed then the process is all that much easier. If she does not have a collection, and rather just 1 ring she wears on her finger, then your window of opportunity is much narrower - often just as long as she takes in the shower or while she's asleep. In this case, have your Ring Size Chart ready so that when your gap opens you can take it immediately!
2. Back to the assumption that she has multiple spare rings that you can casually make disappear for a short while, you can easily use these on our Ring Size Chart. Alternatively you can pop into our office, or that of your nearest jeweller and get the ring size easily measured on a ring size stick.

That is best case scenario, worst case is she doesn't have any other rings that you can use for reference and somehow you need to come up with her ring size out of thin air.

1. In this instance, we again recommend that you speak to family and friends if you are comfortable doing so. Jewellery is often shared amongst mothers and daughters/sisters, so there is a good chance that someone closely related will be able to give you a good indication of her ring size.
2. Pay more attention when the subject is brought up, there are very few women who will never mention anything regarding engagement rings, and when she asks to go inside that jewellery store on your Saturday morning shopping trip, do it, perfect timing for her to casually try on a ring or 2.
3. Yet another stealthy operation, this option involves you using a piece of string or floss and measuring the circumference of your girlfriends ‘ring finger’ while she sleeps. The ‘mm’ measurement can be compared to our Ring Size Chart and easily converted into an accurate ring size. Depending on how light of a sleeper she may be, chances of getting caught can be high so good luck!
4. If you have absolutely no means of using any of the above methods then I would grudgingly suggest choosing an ‘average’ size. This is not very accurate as people are all very different, but its a good place to start and we can easily resize the ring once you've gotten the surprise engagement out of the way.

We wish you luck on this scary journey that all us men must face, we are here for you every step of the way and are happy to help out with all aspects from custom design to ring sizing!

Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have!

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