What makes the Eternity Diamonds Experience Unique and Attractive?

We are fully aware at the level of competition out there in the jewellery business. We are also very well aware of the various borderline unethical practices of many of our competitors. For a first time jewellery shopper, having so many choices can be overwhelming. Who can you trust? Where can you get the best price? Does best price mean lower quality? It can all be very confusing. So we've compiled a short list of reasons for you to choose Eternity Diamonds for your Engagement Ring:

1. We care deeply about all of our customers and we aim to give each individual an amazing experience with an equal level of high-class service, regardless of the size of the purchase. We understand that everyone is unique and some prefer an online shopping experience while others prefer to visit our showroom, view their diamonds and have their questions answered in person. This is why we offer both. We endeavour to always offer every client the most memorable and hassle-free experience.

2. We understand that an Engagement ring is a very big purchase for everyone, not only in monetary terms but also emotionally. This is why you will always be assisted by people with a real passion for diamonds and jewellery and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure you the ultimate peace-of-mind, while we create the ring of your dreams.

3. Our prices are unbeatable. Starting off as Diamond Dealers and Jewellery Manufacturing Wholesalers, we have a built up many strong supplier relationships over the years and have access to extremely favourable prices which we share with our customers. It is not often that our quote was not the cheapest that our customers received.

4. We manufacture on-site. We are in control of every stage of the manufacturing process and every item that leaves our doors has been hand-crafted and quality checked throughout every stage. This means that we don’t have any limits to what we can create for our customers, not to mention the factory prices!

5. We use the latest and most sophisticated 3D design technology to bring to life your ideas in unbelievably realistic rendered images and videos. Our professional designers work on site and develop these designs for you to review before we begin the manufacturing process. This way you’ll know exactly what your ring will look like before it gets made.

6. We welcome Customisation. The 2 previously mentioned factors mean that we can offer our customers the opportunity to bring forward fully custom and unique ideas, and we can design and manufacture to their exact specifications. Our design team is extremely skilled and can without a doubt bring your ideas to life.

7.We will gladly offer credit on all old jewellery. All old metal is sold back to the refinery and our customers receive the full amount, as close to the gold spot price as the refinery will give us.

8. We offer FREE DELIVERY anywhere in South Africa, fully insured (Gem & Jewel Acceptances – policy no. 2P 01207) and to your doorstep. This has allowed people from all over the country take advantage of our offerings, with no extra charge.

9. We offer complimentary valuation certificates for insurance purposes on all Eternity Diamonds manufactured pieces, and also on those not made by us, but carry the required diamond grading reports.

10. We are completely transparent in what we do, and we offer our clients advice and education on diamond quality and the 4’Cs. We want each and every one of our customers to be fully educated and make the best possible choice for themselves. We have never had a customer regret the choice they made and we never intend on having one.

11. We are entirely committed to only dealing in “CONFLICT FREE” Diamonds. See more below

12. We are extremely passionate and proud of what we do, and we commit to maintaining our quality products, high-quality service and unbeatable value for money.

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