How to ensure you get the best diamond deal?

With many years experience in the diamond and jewellery trade, one thing I have learned to master is the art of negotiation. I have learnt to deal with the biggest hitters in the diamond world and have time and time again convinced them to sell to me at MY price. This is not only encouraged by buying large quantities at a time, but also by building unshakeable relationships over the years. We ensure that we continue to buy certified diamonds on our own terms, so that we can continue to give our customers unbeatable value.

Although a different end of the spectrum, negotiation should also be a very integral part of your diamond purchasing process. Not necessarily based solely on price, but on a number of contributing factors which brought together will ensure you get far more value for your money.

So how do we suggest you go about ensuring yourself the best diamond deal?

1. Do not buy from mall-based or traditional retail jewellers. Not taking a hit at anyone, I have very good relationships with many mall-based jewellers who I have supplied for years. But the reality is that in terms of price, they will never be able to offer you great value because of all the factors work against them. Read more about this HERE.
2. Find companies who buy there own diamond stock and manufacture their own jewellery. Any jeweller who is not the front line in either of these processes will simply be
charging you a markup on the price they paid buying from companies like us.
3. Shortlist 2-3 possible suppliers who meet the above criteria and ask them for a quotation inline with your desired purchase.
4. Evaluate the quotes and ensure that all elements are exactly the same. You can only truly compare prices when “apples are compared with apples”. This means Size, Colour, Clarity and Certifying laboratory must be the same.
5. Eliminate the fake news you see everywhere like “50%” less than retail or those all too common clearance sales that never seem to meet there objective.
6. Once you've shortlisted the quotations, it’s time to do some more digging. Best price does not always mean best value and its also important to take a company’s online presence and reputation into account. Decent engagement and good reviews are things to look out for.
7. Avoid Price Match Guarantees like the plague! This opens the door for a number of dodgy practices. If a company can guarantee that they can beat any price, it generally means they are willing to cut any corner to achieve this. This means deliberately lowering quality in order to lower cost. Not Cool! A much greater concern than spending a few thousand extra is having to get your ring remade or (touch wood) having your prized diamond fall out and disappear.
8. Once you have built a case for each option, we suggest getting in touch with them. Drop an email or Phone them and speak to one of the staff members. I believe this will help cement your gut feel, which after all is the best way to make any decision.

Price alone is never the best way to make your choice. Our position in the industry as well as our business model generally allows us to offer the best prices, even though we aren't trying to be the cheapest jeweller. We never compromise the quality of our pieces to lower the price, the only price affecting change we make is diamond size in order to fit a budget.

Negotiating a jewellers price down from their original quote can be extremely detrimental in the long run. Once they know if they drop their price by “X” amount they've got your business, you can rest assured they’ll drop their price. Unless they’re working on exhorbitant price margins, these cuts will be coming directly from quality in the form of one or all of the following:

- Using less metal to make up the ring, which means a weaker structure and compromised longevity.
- Using poor quality small diamonds rather than top quality matching stones.
- Cutting labour costs which will have a roll on effect directly into the finished item.

Creating any jewellery item properly takes a significant amount of work and the process doesn't come cheap - from designing, printing and casting all the way to paying highly skilled goldsmiths and setters to craft the items from raw form into finished product. Cost cutting in any of these areas = a disaster waiting to happen.

I know that it goes without saying that no one will intentionally walk into a situation where they know they are receiving a lower quality item than what they should be and it’s human nature to want a much as possible for as little as possible, that is why when shopping for diamonds it is vitally important that you take the above into consideration before make a decision.

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