Purchasing a custom designed engagement ring

All engagement rings are special without a doubt, and we cannot fault anyone for falling in love with a particular classic design. However there is nothing like the magic of adding a personal touch to such a special piece of jewellery that will (touch wood) be a part of your family for many years to come. For this, and many other reasons, we’d recommend going custom everyday of the week.

Everyones definition of custom is different, and the extent of custom designs we do for our clients varies from engraving, diamond size to the style of the entire ring. Everybody has an individual idea of what perfection is and we are happy to produce whatever that may be for each of our clients!

Here are a few things you should consider when going the custom route:

Have a clear budget in mind or at least a ball park figure.

Diamonds vary vastly in price due to their many characteristics like colour, clarity and size. Almost any size diamond can be proportionally set into a ring of a certain style and take on the exact same look. This is why we always ask our clients for a defined budget on what they’d like to spend, this way we can be sure to find the biggest and best quality diamond for that budget.

Don’t try and start from scratch.

Unless you’re extremely creative, or a qualified designer, designing elements of a ring can be extremely tough. This is why we suggest you submitting reference images show styles you like, which you would like something similar to or perhaps 2 you would like combined etc. You supply the material and we’ll put our professional designers to work! Adding a personal touch like engraving yours and your partners initials is also a lovely way to customize ring and can add an incomparable amount of sentimental value!

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd!

Often the most jaw dropping rings are those which stray away from the norm. Like Vintage or Antique designs. There are hundreds and hundreds of references from which you can draw inspiration from on google and pinterest. Find a couple you love and send them through to us.
Take your/her personal style into account.

It’s all good and well going against the grain and going for a bold vintage design. But is it the best idea if you’re day to day style is more modern and contemporary?

Know your ring size.

Ring size is of course vitally important for a ring to fit, but this is a very simple technicality. You can pop in to our studio and have it measured here for you or if you are perhaps out of reach then we can send you ring sizer by courier for you to check your size. Free of charge!

The journey to creating the dream custom ring is not a as daunting as you may think. Our dedicated team works with couples on a daily basis, in helping them create masterpieces that they can be proud of!

Contact us today to get the process started for you!

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