Why is Platinum a Great Choice?

If you’ve been researching engagement ring options, you’ll know that Platinum is one of the most popular choices of metal. Even though it is not the most cost effective of the precious metals, we believe it is the standout choice – here is why so many of our customers agree:

1. Platinum is rare

Platinum is 30 times more rare than Gold. While 2700 tons of gold is converted into jewellery annually worldwide, only 88 tons of platinum are mined and allocated for jewellery.

2. Platinum will never fade

The “white” colour of your platinum ring will last a lifetime. Wear and tear will not cause the colour to fade as can happen with gold over time.

3. Platinum is durable

The strength and density of platinum means that it it holds up well against time and wear. You will never have to reinforce your platinum ring. Being harder, it is also more scratch resistant.

4. Platinum creates the most secure settings

Claws made with platinum are far more resistant to bending or breaking and so are the safest option for your protecting diamonds and gems.

5. Platinum is pure

Platinum is 95% pure, and alloyed with palladium, iridium and other base metals to make up the remaining 5%.

6. Platinum is naturally hypoallergenic

Platinum is safe for people who may have allergic reactions to other precious metals.

7. Platinum is non-corrosive

It resists rusting and tarnishing over time.

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