Introducing Morganite - Romance Personified

posted by admin on 15 September, 2017 14:00 PM

Morganite was originally know as the “Pink Beryl” but has since been renamed in honour of American Banker and avid gemstone collector, JP Morgan. It boasts a soft pink to violet hue and has many favourable qualities such as....


How to Ensure you Get the Best Diamond Deal

posted by admin on 18 July, 2017 15:30 PM

With many years experience in the diamond and jewellery trade, one thing I have learned to master is the art of negotiation. I have learnt to deal with the biggest hitters in the diamond world and have time and time again convinced them to sell to me at MY price. This is not only encouraged by buying large quantities at a time, but also by building unshakeable relationships over the years. We ensure that we continue to buy certified diamonds on our own terms, so that we can continue to give our customers unbeatable value.


What makes The Eternity Diamonds Experience Unique & Attractive?

posted by admin on 3 May, 2017 13:00 PM

We are fully aware at the level of competition out there in the jewellery business. We are also very well aware of the various borderline unethical practices of many of our competitors. For a first time jewellery shopper, having so many choices can be overwhelming. Who can you trust? Where can you get the best price? Does best price mean lower quality? It can all be very confusing. So we've compiled a short list of reasons for you to choose Eternity Diamonds for your Engagement Ring:


The World's Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles (2017)

posted by admin on 3 May, 2017 13:00 PM

Here at Eternity Diamonds, we spend our days helping couples select rings that represent their love and commitment, and designing rings that capture their unique personalities and individual styles. Being on the front lines of the engagement ring industry, we are often among the very first to spot new trends as they begin to arise. Here is a list we've compiled of the most sought after designs and trends across the world right now...


The 4 Most Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

posted by admin on 18 April, 2017 15:30 PM

Both in our personal and professional lives, we have encountered many people who have some form of regret involving an aspect of their own engagement ring purchasing process. It often ranges from things such as the design they had chosen, or the fact that they didn't properly educate themselves beforehand. So we decided to write this blog to give some professional advice on the most important factors to consider while you're shopping around...


How To Speak Engagement Ring (Infographic)

posted by admin on 09 March, 2017 10:30 AM

We came across this gem of an infographic on Philippa Lund's Instagram and thought it would be a perfect tool to help you understand the confusing jargon and terms that surround engagement rings. So if you have found yourself in a position of confusion regarding terminology, fear no more!...


How to Create Your Own Custom Engagement Ring with Eternity Diamonds

posted by admin on 20 February, 2017 14:45 PM

There are numerous reasons why some people prefer to create their own custom engagement ring rather than purchase a standard item. Examples of these can be: trying to fit a budget, designing a dream piece or just the joy of playing a part in the process of creating the item and knowing that it will be unique. At Eternity Diamonds, we offer 2 methods through which these can be achieved...


The Gentlemen's guide to finding HER ring size!

posted by admin on 13 February, 2017 11:31 AM

So you're ready to take the next step, you've thought it out for a few years or months,or weeks (we don't judge), planned your romantic speech and played it out over and over, and now all that is left is for you to actually pop the question...



posted by admin on 06 February, 2017 12:30 PM

Welcome to the Eternity Diamonds blog page! We would like to use this page as a means of communication between us and you, we’d like to share a lot more with you about ourselves and of course about diamonds and jewellery, which is this reason you're here in the first place! First off a little about us...


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