How To Create Your Own Custom Engagement Ring with Eternity Diamonds

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There are numerous reasons why some people prefer to create their own custom engagement ring rather than purchase a standard item. Examples of these can be: trying to fit a budget, designing a dream piece or just the joy of playing a part in the process of creating the item and knowing that it will be unique. At Eternity Diamonds, we offer 2 methods through which these can be achieved.

1. Using our vast selection of Diamond Settings, you can match the setting of your choosing, with a diamond to fit your budget. You are able to choose any diamond you desire from our list, and using the information in our About Diamonds section, we are confident that you will be able to make a far more educated decision than the average person.
2. Alternatively, you may be picturing something completely unique that is not available in our Diamond Settings section. If so you can send us reference images and descriptions of the item you would like to create, as well as the budget you would like to fit, and we will create the item for you. Here you can put all the knowledge you gained from the About Diamonds and About Jewellery sections to work!

Here are step by step instructions on how to go about taking advantage of either option.

Creating your own Ring

We have done our absolute best in designing a platform that makes the purchasing process as easy as possible for our customers in order for you to be able to fit your dream piece into your budget. To take advantage of this you can either Start with a setting i.e choose the ring design you would like, or Start with a Diamond where you choose the centre stone which will be showcased in your setting. We cant advise you as to which way around is better to start, it all depends on your priorities and budget and everyone’s are different.

For example, if you would like to go with a more simplistic design, like your classic solitaire, where the centre diamond is the main focal point on the ring, then we might suggest you starting with your setting selection first. Finding the setting and allocating the required portion of your budget now leaves you open to finding the biggest and best quality diamond you can with the remainder of your budget. Here is what it would look like in practice:

Before you begin shopping, you determine that your budget for the engagement ring is R20 000. You've realised that the style your future wife desires most is the Solitaire and so you visit our Diamond Settings section and search through the solitaire settings. You decide that our Petite 2-tone Solitaire setting in 9k white gold is the one, this will cost you about R5300 excluding VAT. You now know that you have R14 700 left in your budget to dedicate to the centre stone. You now navigate to our Diamonds page and search for a diamond that will fit this budget best. Once both are added to your cart you can view the price of your finished engagement ring and proceed with the checkout process.

If you would prefer a more elaborate design, with small diamonds and fancy shank design - such as our Split Shank Floating Halo Diamond Setting and the centre diamond is of less importance, then we might suggest that you start the process in the same manner, but for a different reason. With the same budget of R20 000 you now search for the setting first in order to find the right setting which you feel your future wife will fall involve with. So you choose our Split Shank Floating Halo Diamond Setting in 9k Rose Gold and dedicate R15 700 to this. You now know that you have the ideal setting, elaborate and littered with sparkling diamonds and R4300 left to use on a centre diamond.

The same principles apply for any size budget.

Once you have completed the checkout process and paid a 50% deposit of the total invoice amount, we will begin crafting your engagement ring. During this time we will create a new CAD design which will be sent to you, showing exactly how your ring is going to look on completion. You will also be able to view your diamond, either by visiting our offices or by requesting photo’s. Once complete, we will inform you and request the remainder 50% to be paid, at which point you can either collect your ring or we can ship it to your door, fully insured and free of charge.

Get started on creating your very own engagement ring HERE.

Designing a Custom Ring

If the design you are looking for is nothing like any of the settings available on our website, then the custom design option is for you. This is extremely simple and extremely exciting, as your engagement ring will be a once-off unique piece. The design process is simple:

1. We ask that you email us reference images in the best quality you can find, and descriptions as detailed as possible. We will use these in the design process.
2. Defining a budget for us to work within can be of great assistance as it gives us some guidelines as to what size diamonds to use etc, but if you do not have a defined budget then we will use our discretion and use what we feel is best and we can work from there.
3. We will send a detailed email confirming what you would like and a quotation for your item. At this point we require a 50% deposit to ensure that you're serious.
4. Once we have received the deposit we will begin with the design work, this will take 1-2 days. Once the designs are completed, we will send them to you for your approval and make any adjustments you feel necessary and confirm the design before beginning work on the ring.
5. Upon completion of the ring we will send you your invoice and inform you that we require the remainder 50%, at which point or ring is available for collection or for delivery - fully insured and free of charge.

We feel that customising your engagement ring in one form or the other is a very important part of the whole process, it is the only way to be able to truly get a unique piece which can excentuate your lady’s personality, while still fitting into your budget.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding the process!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Eternity Diamonds Team

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