The World's Most Popular Engagement Ring Designs(2017)

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We spend our days helping couples select rings that represent their love and commitment, and designing rings that capture their unique personalities and individual styles. Being on the front lines of the engagement ring industry, we are often among the very first to spot new trends as they begin to arise. Here is a list we've compiled of the most sought after designs and trends across the world right now!

The Solitaire

The Solitaire Engagement Ring Design just never seems to get old. A True Classic! A solitaire is categorised by one single diamond on a ring, where the brilliance of the diamond is the main focal point. There are many different variations that have come and gone over the years, below are a few favourites:
Four claw knife edge engagement ring

Four-Claw Gallery Solitaire

6 Claw Solitaire engagement ring

Petite High-Claw Solitaire

Curved Claw Solitaire

Curved Claw Solitaire

Cross Shank Engagement Ring

Twisted Band Solitaire

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The Halo

Halo designs featuring traditional round brilliant or fancy shape diamonds have been growing in popularity over the recent years. Perhaps due to the enhanced sparkle caused by the Halo of small diamonds surrounding the centre stone, or to the fact that wrapping a halo or two around the centre diamond makes it look larger and gives the ring a much flashier appearance. We also see many couples requesting more distinctive halo designs such as those resembling the petals of a flower etc
Classic Halo Engagement ring

Classic Halo

Tapered Halo Engagement ring

Petite Tapered Halo

Floral Halo Engagement Ring

Floral Effect Halo

Split-Shank Floating Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Split-Shank Floating Halo

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The Modern Three-Stone

A three-stone diamond engagement ring carries an elegant and timeless appeal. The three stones are said to represent a couple's past, present and future, making it a very symbolic design as well. We have recently seen these becoming vastly more popular, due to the multiple variations possible and the aesthetic benefits it can offer. Three stones as opposed to one, can create a much more elaborate finish and be a real eye-catcher for those who desire that.
Classic 3 Stone Engagement Ring

Classic Gallery Three-Stone

3 Stone U-collet Engagement Ring

U-collet Three-Stone

3 Stone Halo Engagement ring

Three-Stone Halo

3 Stone Princess Engagement ring

Princess Cut Gallery Three-Stone

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The Vintage

While not as vastly popular as the others, the vintage style engagement ring still remains a staple in annual engagement ring purchases. Many couples like the added exclusivity of having something really different to the norm, and the micro detailing and migrain patterns are often exactly what some are looking for.
two tone milgrain engagement ring

Two-tone Vintage

Vintage Milgrain Diamond Ring

Antique Milgrain Solitaire

Antique Halo engagement ring

Antique Halo

Antique Dual-Claw

Fancy Shape Diamonds

Fancy Shape Diamonds have always been popular, but have been increasingly so in the past few years. For those who like to stray away from the status quo, or just simply do not see the magic of the traditional round brilliant cut, fancy shapes are the ultimate diamond choice!
halo cushion engagement ring

Cushion Cut Halo

halo cushion engagement ring

Cushion Cut Halo

Princess halo engagement ring

Floating Princess Cut Halo

Heart Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Heart Shape Double-Halo

Did I mention that Halo is the go-to design for 2017?

Fancy Colour Diamonds

Ranging from the most common fancy yellow to the rare fancy pink, natural fancy diamonds can be an absolutely amazing asset to any engagement ring. Whether set on their own, or wrapped in an ice white diamond halo, fancy colour diamonds are a must have accessory!
Fancy Orange Halo Engagement Ring

Fancy Orange Cushion Halo

Fancy Yellow Halo Engagement Ring

Fancy Yellow Cushion Halo

Fancy Yellow Pear Shape Diamond

Fancy Yellow Pear Shape

Fancy Yellow Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

Fancy Yellow Princess Halo

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