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posted by admin on 06 February, 2017 12:30 PM

Hi There!

Welcome to the Eternity Diamonds blog page! We would like to use this page as a means of communication between us and you, we’d like to share a lot more with you about ourselves and of course about diamonds and jewellery, which is this reason you're here in the first place!

First off a little about us, we are a small family business formed in and previously operated from the South African Jewellery Centre located in Johannesburg town. We have recently moved to Bedfordview for the convenience of both our customers and ourselves. Our Journey began modestly as diamond dealers specialising in the wholesale of certified loose diamonds into the jewellery trade, namely other dealers and jewellery stores. Beginning in this sector of the industry we gained a great deal of insight into how the jewellery business works and why many people are forced to pay such high prices for for their jewellery items.

It all starts at the top, most jewellery stores own very little of the diamonds and jewellery you see in there windows when you walk past, the vast majority of the diamonds are sourced from dealers such as ourselves and taken on consignment. The same is said for those who do not manufacture their own jewellery, they take stock on consignment from wholesale manufacturing jewellers and, as with the diamonds, pay for their goods as they are sold.

So as a wholesaler, you're faced with the problem of only being paid 3 months, 6 months or in extreme cases up to a year after you've supplied the store with your stock. Not a very good cash flow situation. This forces many wholesalers to drive their prices up much higher than what they should be, in order to justify not being paid for such a long period of time. I’m sure you'll agree that it does not make sense to wait 3 months to get paid, and then only profit a couple hundred rand.

That’s just one of the contributing factors unfortunately. A jewellery store, like any other business has many overheads to cover, such as: rent, electricity, staff salaries, insurance etc and being most often located within the safe confines of fancy shopping malls, the rent portion alone can be enough to upset even the strongest of stomachs. This means that once again, the prices on these diamonds and jewellery pieces are inflated, much higher than they should be, in order for the jewellery store to be able to turn a profit. The only loser is you.

We saw this as an opportunity to use our position of advantage in the jewellery industry, and make jewellery more accessible to the general public. These extra expenses will no longer be your burden to carry on behalf of your everyday, retail jeweller.

So how do we offer the best diamond and jewellery deals in South Africa?

1. We own and carry our own diamond stock. We source only the best quality diamonds directly from a wide variety of diamond cutting factories - both in South Africa and Abroad (India, Israel etc) - whom with which we have built strong relationships over years of doing business. This, and the volumes of our purchases, allow us to always get the best price and in-turn offer unbeatable prices to our customers.
2. We purchase all precious metals in granular form directly from the refineries, which is then melted down and moulded into the jewellery masterpieces you see advertised here on our website. The entire process is carried out right here in our factory, on-site in Bedfordview.

Thanks to these 2 vital elements of the industry, we are able to offer our customers unbeatable prices (you are more than welcome to compare).

We trust that you will be the next to take advantage of our unbelievable offers, and rest easy knowing that you truly are receiving the best value for your money.

Begin your journey with us today by shopping our wide range of jewellery and diamonds or creating your own unique masterpiece. Feel free to contact us on (011) 334-0824 or sales@eternitydiamonds.co.za and we can help you get the ball rolling.

Eternity Diamonds Team