Why your budget is so important to us

One of the first things we ask our new customers is “what is your budget?” A lot of people are reluctant to reveal what the maximum they’d be willing to spend is, because they feel that then they’ll just be charged more for the same item. While this can at times be true, with us it’s different.

The price of certified diamonds varies greatly depending on the size of the stone. For example, for a 0.50ct I SI1 round brilliant cut diamond you’re looking at paying around R14,365.00 ex VAT. Now for a 0.70ct diamond with the same colour and clarity specs, you’ll pay R25,550.00 ex VAT.

Often when customers approach us for a custom quotation, they don’t have a specific diamond size in mind and are reluctant to reveal their budget . This leaves us in a difficult situation of having to work with an average size diamond that is quite popular during that time period. This means that someone who potentially only has R15,000.00 to spend on their diamond could receive a quote with a diamond that is R25,500.00 and therefore deem the ring as too expensive. Unbeknownst to them, if they had given us an indication of their budget beforehand, we would’ve known that the best size for them was 0.50ct.

The same ring design can be made for rings holding a 0.30ct diamond or a 3ct diamond. The bulk of the price is and will always be the diamond and therefore by giving us an indication of your budget, we can ensure we are giving you the biggest and best options for your price range. We are confident in our diamond pricing and do regular market comparisons to make sure we are always one step ahead, and offer the best value to our customers.

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